I bet you’re wondering why this blog is called “Favorite Spoon”?

It’s a silly story, but one I find endearing and true to form for my husband Jon.

I, like any other busy Mom, have a vice. For some it’s wine and for me it was my nightly gift of ice cream. Jon always liked to pamper me and would fix my ice cream at night when he wasn’t flying. He’s get very creative and add goodies to it sometimes, to include cookie crumbles and sometimes Amoretto.

What I didn’t think he knew what that I have a favorite ice cream spoon, it’s very smooth around the handle and doesn’t leave marks on my hand when I’m digging in the container to scoop out ice cream. But, he did know. And the first time he prepared it for me he gave me my favorite spoon and I smiled and said “HEY! This is my favorite spoon, how did you know?” And he said that he loved me and he noticed those small things because it was what made me happy.

As small a gesture as it was, it meant so much to me and I loved bragging about it to my friends.

(Thanks Marie)